Zombies Would Wipe Out Humans in Less than 100 Days

Zombies Would Wipe Out Humans in Less than 100 Days

By Stephanie Pappas, Live Science Contributor | January 6, 2017

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The zombie apocalypse won’t take long.

A new article in a peer-reviewed student journal finds that the zombie hordes would take Earth’s population down to a mere 273 survivors in 100 days.

I’ve got my anti-zombie kit already prepared (but no, I won’t share it with you). Are you ready yet?

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    1. Hey! Always good to hear from my old Sebastian friends and students. Hope all is well with you and your family. Peace Out!

    1. thanks for posting that Carson. I’m not really ready to start getting into this blog yet, so thanks for keeping something going..

    1. Mark. Sorry for both the delay in my response, and unfortunately, may lack of a useful answer. This is some stuff I put together for a lecture for my students, and I didn’t include citations for the graphics (my bad). You can cite it to me, if you want to use it, and I’ll take the blame for using someone else’s graphics…bad internet behavior, I know…

  1. Hey Mr.G! Kevin S. here, the one kid that always never did his work and messed around in your classroom. Yes me… I am actually doing great in school now and going on to bigger and better things in my life. I have turned into a computer geek now going into computer science, engineering and such. It would be great to here from you, I miss you as a science teacher, you were always fun and cool!
    ~Thanks for being a great teacher, Kevin.

    1. Hey Kevin! Hope all is well with you, and, while I have some memory of you, it’s only of the good stuff. So glad to hear you’ve found your niche! Thanks for all the kind words, that makes me very happy…Are you still at SCJH? Or did you graduate yet? I thought you’d be in 8th this year, but I’m old, so maybe my memory is at fault..What kinda stuff are you into know, are you looking at coding, hardware, or design? Keep in touch, and you know you can always find me here in cyberland, wherever I’m at IRL…Peace

  2. Hey Giacobbe! I am still in SCJH, but in around 45 days from now I am graduating to high school! I am very excited cause I am going to a junior high school and you make your own schedule, blah blah blah I could ramble all day about how fun it will be. Anyway I know quite a bit about computers now, I know how to build them (built my own and a few others for friends) learned more languages and now I awm getting into Penetration Testing (yes sounds dirty). If you don’t know what penetration testing is, basically someone pays you to hack them! They let me try to “penetrate” their system and security and I then tell them where their security holes are and tell them how they can improve upon security in the virtual world and in real life. On YouTube search up this channel called Hak5, they make great content and educational videos on hacking. Anyway hope too maybe see you again later in this world, see ya later! ~Kevin S.

  3. Okay so zombies, wiping out humans in 100 days, scary, but it could be true. After reading this, it got me thinking, what if one day there was an outbreak in a zombie-like virus that could potentially wipe out humanity? And what could we do to help be better prepared for that situation? I have seen many shows that include zombies, such as “The Walking Dead” and “Z-Nation” and i love them both but i cant rely on what to do through these shows in case something similar does happen. And in my opinion, these days people are getting lazier and potentially “fatter” because of the increase of technology, therefore causing us to work less. And if a virus that big did happen, all the unfit people could/would be wiped out immediately. (this is a comment that is correct, correct?)

  4. Hey Mr. G. I think that a zombie apocalypse would be terrifying and I think that humans are apparently extremely hardy and can persevere unimaginably.

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